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MS is different for everyone - read real stories and tips from people who know.

Posts from January 2012

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Trevis's blog - Long, Dark Nights (And Short, Gray Days) with MS

A Yank’s Life With MS

Chris's blog - the word 'fatigue'

There are three things that annoy me about having Primary Progressive MS. The first one is obvious: it's annoying to struggle to get around, to be very very slowly losing the use of my legs. The second one is a detail: I hate it when people refer to my wheelchair as a 'chair'.

Donna's blog - lost and found

 It’s a chilly September morning as I steel myself to wave goodbye to my husband and two sons, two of them about to start a new adventure – adventures which I am not included in.

Mike's blog - the occupational hazard

To be honest it was probably my own fault. I did ask for it!

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