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Posts from December 2011

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Holiday toddies and MS

Be it a seasonal pint with mates, a hot whiskey by the fire or a Dickensian bowl of Christmas punch, ‘tis the season of spirits around the world. While we all know drinking and driving is unacceptable any time of the year, when you live with multiple sclerosis, simply drinking and walking can increase the degree of difficulty to Olympic proportions.

Louise's blog - injecting MS drugs

Did you ever sing that rhyme when you were little: eeney, meaney, miney, mo? I feel a bit like humming this ditty as I think about the choices of treatments for MS:

Eeney, meaney, miney, mo
Catch an MS treatment by the toe
If it makes you squeal, let it go
Eeney, meaney, miney, mo.

Fred's blog - in a care home with MS

"Well, Dad now lives in a care home. 

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