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Posts from November 2011

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Christopher's blog - the 'progressive' word

The 'progressive' part of 'primary progressive multiple sclerosis' has been very much in my mind recently.

Mike's blog - the bladder and MS

Many MS symptoms are visible. These are the more obvious ones, and highlight to anyone who might be watching that something’s not quite right. They are annoying and frustrating and, like us, they are all different and require different levels of attention.

Andrew's blog - The Inexpert Patient

1. In defence of ignorance

‘I wouldn’t bother with the MS websites if I were you.’ 

Trevis's blog - speaking of MS

“My name is Trevis Gleason and I live with Multiple Sclerosis.”

I’ve started countless speeches with that opening line. From small gatherings of people living with the disease to, in the case of recent events, fundraising luncheons attended by over a thousand.

Donna's blog - to wheelchair, or not to wheelchair?

"This month’s MS Matters drops through the door. I start to flick through it, hmm ... the first page is an advert for ‘Powerchairs’. I put it on the recycling pile.

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