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Posts from October 2011

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Louise's blog - Gilenya vs Betaferon

Kerry's blog - my little machine

Kerry is 29 years old and was diagnosed in 2005.

Michael's blog - life as a husband, father, carer and student!

Michael is 32 and his wife Julie has secondary progressive MS. They have a daughter, Alice Rose, who is 2 years old.

Welcome to my first blog. I thought I’d start by sharing some details about myself and what I hope to get out of writing a blog for you.

Julie's blog - looking on the bright side

Hello all!

My name is Julie, I’m 31 and I have secondary progressive MS. I’ve been in a wheelchair for about a year now. Still haven’t mastered the wheelie yet but there is time.

Gillian's blog - MS and the elephant in the room

"I’m sure all of our experiences of MS are as unique as the disease itself. As someone who was newly diagnosed, I found that people were often a little uncomfortable around me during that first acute relapse.

Fred's blog - lack of mobility sucks!

“Hello, my name’s Fred. I’ve got MS and I’ve had it for 15 years or so.”

I’m Karen and I’m Fred’s daughter. Dad and I will be writing this blog together. I’m going to ask him what he’d like to talk about in the post, tape the conversation, then turn it into a blog post.

Scott's blog - coping with mum's diagnosis

Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills shared the story of his mum’s diagnosis with MS to Mail on Sunday readers at the weekend. Scott is running the Eden Project Half Marathon for the MS Society on Sunday 9 October.

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