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Posts from September 2011

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Christopher's blog - taking to wheels

"In the last couple of years my walking range and stamina have shrunk so much that I decided last summer to get a wheelchair so that I could do longer outings without getting completely shattered.

Trevis's blog - a Yank’s Life With MS

A Voice of America

First, please allow me to say “thank you”.  Thank you to the United Kingdom for the Magna Carta, Shakespeare, Dickens, The Beatles and The Royals … in no particular order. I wanted to get that taken care of, straight away.

Mike's blog - why do I feel guilty using my Blue Badge?

Mike Caddick

Why is it I feel guilty using the spaces that have been set aside for Blue Badge holders?

Louise's blog - the magical MS tour

"Congratulations! You have won an exciting opportunity to take a journey on the Magical MS Tour! The tour, which begins in Dubai, takes in all the sights and sounds, trials and tribulations of living with MS overseas. Tours include appointments with Dr Neurology, MRIs, medications, emotional ups and downs, and of course that firm favourite: symptoms.

Diane’s story – taking part in a fundraising appeal

"The MS Society gave me a grant for a mobility scooter – and I’m glad I can do something in return.

This week, my story will be featured in a mailing to help raise funds for the MS Society.

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