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7 ways to be kind to yourself

Photo shows three knitted donkeys with cut out hearts and a clothes peg

It's World Kindness Day today! This has got me and Dizzy thinking about the importance of showing kindness to yourself.

MS, balance and dizziness – in a spin?


Balance and dizziness are two symptoms that have been part of my MS life since the beginning.

The balance problems started innocuously enough: a slight sensation of walking on large marshmallows and not being able to feel my feet touching the ground. Weird, but not completely worrisome. I could be tired, a bit worn out. Getting older?

MS: it's all about balance

It's all about balance. I used to repeat this mantra several times a day to martial arts students and myself.

Chris's blog: seeing the funny side

I have always managed to see the funny side of most things, and my experiences with primary progressive MS are no exception.

I've found all sorts of things very funny - surprisingly so, in many cases.

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