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"Catheters? Oh alright then"


How help from the continence clinic finally gave Mark some relief from bladder accidents.

A lovely warm evening in 1995. A team outing, yay! I was living in France, and working for Disneyland Paris, as I had done since its 1992 opening. After a few glasses of champagne, a crowd of us hopped merrily on a bus.

World Continence Week: getting help for my wee problem


Bladder problems are common in MS. Karine shares her experience and how she got help.

One of the latest developments in my MS journey is not being able to empty my bladder properly (urine retention). We Brits find it difficult to talk openly about such matters, so I thought I would share my story to help other people feel at ease.

Mike's blog - the bladder and MS

Many MS symptoms are visible. These are the more obvious ones, and highlight to anyone who might be watching that something’s not quite right. They are annoying and frustrating and, like us, they are all different and require different levels of attention.

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