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My tips for having an MRI scan


I was diagnosed with MS in 2014 and MRI scans have become routine. They helped with my diagnosis, and since then I’ve had two more (two brain and two spinal).

My road to an MS diagnosis

When I had my first MS attack, work was very stressful and I was under a lot of pressure.

Telling friends and family about MS


I was diagnosed with MS in 2013, two weeks after my wedding and six weeks before conceiving my first baby. It  was a period of mixed blessings.

My fifth anniversary with MS

This year will mark five years since I was diagnosed with MS. During that time I’ve laughed, cried and been terrified. But here I am, ready to celebrate my fifth year with the illness, and despite everything I am happy.

Three ways to cope with an MS diagnosis

Have you just been diagnosed with MS? Are you wondering what happens now? I was diagnosed this January. Here is my three step guide to making your diagnosis a little easier to deal with…

MS: it's all about balance

It's all about balance. I used to repeat this mantra several times a day to martial arts students and myself.

What would you tell your newly diagnosed self?

This past summer was a long, dry season in my part of the world. In fact we surpassed a record (that has stood for nearly a century) of days without rain.

Looking back: six years on from diagnosis

I’ve always loved autumn, the colours changing to beautiful hues of red and gold, the crisper temperatures on sunny October days.

I love indulging (sometimes a little too much!) in comforting foods, and that changing fashions let me wrap in fabulous scarves and boots.

Early signs: a possible MS diagnosis

Six weeks ago, on a Friday night I was driving home from work and suddenly had double vision.

In the couple of weeks leading up to this I’d become sensitive to light and thought I just needed to invest in some good sunglasses.

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