What makes Christmas magic? Kindness, elves and perfect pencils

A Christmas tree

Christmas is coming. But if you’re dashing to finishing your shopping, wrap your presents and prepare a festive feast, it can be easy to forget that Christmas is also about the little things – those magic moments that warm us up from the inside.

So we asked three of our bloggers to share their favourite festive memories to boost your Christmas spirit. 

Joanne’s random acts of kindness 

Joanne and little man

Before MS, I wanted handbags or shoes for Christmas. Now I dream of kindness (ok, I still want the shoes – but, please Father Christmas, make them lovely flat ones!)

Kindness makes Christmas even more magical. This year, when my little man went to meet Father Christmas, the kind staff made it easier for me, giving me access to a lift so I didn’t have to walk and queue. Obviously I wanted it to be special for little man, but not being judged for my mobility was the icing on the cake for me. 

My friends have also been full of random acts of kindness, like cooking meals and bringing them round as a surprise. 

So this year, what I want for Christmas – and beyond – is for us all to be kinder to each other, and ourselves. Whatever your Christmas brings, may it be happy, merry and kind. 

Sandy’s perfect pencils 

I was about eight years old. I can still remember ripping the paper from the long, thin package, the anticipation almost too much. And there they were. The biggest pack of coloured pencils I’d ever seen. Every colour of the rainbow was there – bright magenta, sunny yellow, rich grass green – and every hue in between. I was in coloured pencil heaven.    

But these were no ordinary pencils. Each of these vibrant sticks had my name stamped on, written in gold. I touched them with a sense of absolute wonder.  That memory sums up the magic of Christmas for me.

Even now, when I sit at the table with my own children, there is still something magical about the promise of a blank piece of paper and a whole load of pencils. 

Claire’s classroom elf 

As a primary teacher working mostly with infants, Christmas is the loveliest yet busiest time of the year. One of my best memories is when an elf door magically appeared on a classroom skirting board... The cheeky elf made a mess: turning up the jotter trays, tipping over crayons and leaving a trail of glitter. The children were amazed and made their own theories and conclusions as to how it got there. I’ll never forget their faces - it was a reminder for me of why I teach and the enjoyment of working with little ones!

That year I received a beautiful gift, a framed collage of words a child used to describe me. I still look back at it to help me stay positive when I’m feeling down, MS or otherwise. 

If I could have anything for Christmas, it’d be many years of staying the way I am now, health wise. That would give me more time to make a difference in wee people’s lives. 

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