Holiday toddies and MS

Be it a seasonal pint with mates, a hot whiskey by the fire or a Dickensian bowl of Christmas punch, ‘tis the season of spirits around the world. While we all know drinking and driving is unacceptable any time of the year, when you live with multiple sclerosis, simply drinking and walking can increase the degree of difficulty to Olympic proportions.

Drunken sobriety

Reaction times for people living with MS can already be compromised. Many of us are told (and most of us already know) we look intoxicated when we walk having not seen a drop. I know I wouldn't pass the field sobriety tests, which mirror many of my neurologist’s exams, after my morning coffee, let alone after a holiday session.

Couple alcohol with any of the fistfuls of medication we may or may not take for our MS symptoms, and we may not remember what we’ve forgotten.

Changing tolerance

For many of us, this inability to enjoy even the simplest of social pleasures makes MS seem even worse during the traditional season of a drink or two. Not that we needed or wanted yet another reminder we’re not like we used to be. It can also be yet another occasion when we have to explain our condition to people; something which can grow stale at the best of times.

I know I can no longer hold the drink as I could prior to MS (and that’s not just an age thing…).  I also know I am not alone.

I wrote a blog on this topic at Everyday Health and asked if our readers there have any thoughts about drinking and MS. Given it’s ‘The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year’ and all, I thought I’d ask the same of our British cousins.

If I don’t get a chance to make another post before the holidays, I wish you all the happiest of Christmases and may we all have a peaceful and healthy new year.

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