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First, please allow me to say “thank you”.  Thank you to the United Kingdom for the Magna Carta, Shakespeare, Dickens, The Beatles and The Royals … in no particular order. I wanted to get that taken care of, straight away.

I’m Trevis L. Gleason of Seattle, Washington USA. I have lived with multiple sclerosis since my diagnosis in 2001. Like many, my symptoms predate diagnosis by at least 15 years. Also, like many others living with MS, I’ve had to leave behind a rewarding and fulfilling career because of the affects of our shared disease.

Since 2005, I’ve been the nominal leader of a dedicated and growing community of people living with MS (people with MS themselves, family members, care partners – which I believe you refer to as “carers” – co-workers, researchers and medical types) by way of Everyday Health’s Life with MS Blog.

As much as those of us living with MS have in common, I’ve learned over the years that our experiences, symptoms, situations an even the countries in which we live make this a very individual disease. MS can and does so often cut us out of the flock and make us feel like we are alone and that no one understands nor could understand what we all have to cope with.

In fact, I think the greatest service our Life With MS Blog has afforded our readers is a chance to feel normal in our abnormalities. I couldn’t fathom a guess at how many times we’ve read comments the likes of, “I thought I was the only one!” or “Now I know I am not alone”. Maybe it’s part of the social aspect of the human condition to want to belong.

That, my friends, is why I am so excited to be a part of MS Society UK’s new social experiment.  Many of our regular readers are from around the globe, but the vast majority is from North America.  We want to hear about your experiences with MS just as we hope to share a bit of the American realities of this damnedable disease.

None of us has all of the answers but together we might just come up a few as well as some questions and, if this forum develops like Life With MS did, we may just shape the conversation.

I’ll be inviting our American community to jump into this conversation and I heartily welcome you to drop in on our site and join the lively discussion there!

There is much happening in the world of MS. Together, I believe we can help one another live to the fullest allowed by a disease which takes so much and leaves so very little. Together; that’s what we’ve found to work and we look forward to our regular conversations about living – living a life with MS.

Wishing you and your family the best of health.



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Thank you to the MS Society for giving us this opportunity. I look forward to great conversations taking place in these pages.

Trevis - glad to see that you are in UK as well. I look forward to the questions and comments you receive. Nancy

Trevis - good job, as always! To new followers of this blog - hello! I'm excited to see this terrific blog cross the ocean, to bring us all that much closer. I look forward to learning more about how MS is treated, both medically and in the community. Sharing information is the way we learn. Hugs!

I'm Rusty.  I live in Western Australia.  And, yeah, I have MS.

Hey all you lot in the are waaay lucky to have "our" Trevis contributing here.  I encourage you to get into this blog big time.  His original version at Everyday Health is amazing and has been an enormous help to me in accepting and in dealing with my MS in all its ugly glory for years.  It's a place that we can just be us, moan, compain, whinge or share the happies too.

Trevis - I was a bit mif at first when I heard you were spreading yourself even thinner by doing this blog too, but, hey, I had to let go of that and just be happy that mpore people get the Trevis good oil.


Rusty ;)

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