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Stories for people affected by MS, by people affected by MS. MS is different for everyone - we hope this blog reflects this.

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Lewis MacDougall: “Mum’s MS helped me empathise with my character in A Monster Calls”

Lewis MacDougall, 14, won praise for his portrayal of a young boy losing his mum to cancer in film A Monster Calls. He tells us about life with his mum, who had MS and died when he was just 11. 

Top tips for managing fatigue from an MS mummy

Joanne Chapman has MS and a toddler. She tells what having a little one has taught her about managing her MS fatigue.

“Poetry helps me express myself”

Julie with a sign saying kindness

Mum-of-four Julie Clear writes poems about life, love and MS. She tells us why creativity is an important part of her life.

Sex and MS: losing and finding the big O

When you have MS, your bed becomes your best friend. MS can mean beds risk being drab, depressing places cluttered with cake crumbs (just me?), but they’re also conducive to sex – aren’t they?

Sex can be complicated when you’re sick. Hell, sex can be complicated regardless, but a chronic condition is a game changer like no other.

MS, my rescue dog, and me

Sally, Ciaron and Bowser the dog

When Sally Deegan and her husband adopted a rescue dog, they hoped he’d help them find happiness, but he’s done a lot more than that…

How I told my children about my MS

Angela is a child therapist, but talking to her daughters about her MS was still a challenge .

I work as a counsellor in primary schools. I first started noticing something was wrong during the school holidays two years ago. I was unbelievably tired – and it didn’t get better, no matter how much I rested.

5 ways I bust stress and feel happy

We asked people living with MS to share their top five tips for wellbeing. Here’s how blogger Ann the Poet takes care of herself.

1. Singing

Sing loud and out of tune on purpose. This is usually funny and will make you laugh, so you get all the usual benefits of singing plus the benefits of laughing!

Smiling woman

My road to an MS diagnosis

When I had my first MS attack, work was very stressful and I was under a lot of pressure.

A bleak(ish) midwinter: MS and cold weather

Woman wrapped up warmly in snowy weather

Who needs a barometer when you have MS?

I find the cold makes everything sore – my joints, my feet, my skin, even my brain (what’s left of it). It’s painful. I’m bemused, because I also have extreme heat intolerance.

What MS treatment is like for me

“Just think of it as an enforced rest”, my MS nurse quipped as she rigged me up to the drip – and ain’t that the sad truth. Being a mum of two with MS doesn’t leave much in the way of ‘me’ time, but I’m not sure sitting in hospital was what I had in mind!

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