Work and MS: an employee's guide

Publish date: 
Aug 2015

The 'Work and MS' booklet is for workers with MS and those looking for work. We have a different booklet for people who employ people with MS (it's called 'MS in the workplace: an employer's guide').

This booklet looks at working life when you have MS, your rights and changes that may be needed for you at work. 

This information could be useful for people anywhere in the UK, but some of the legal information does not apply in Northern Ireland. Seek local information if you are in Northern Ireland.

The booklet covers: 

  • telling people at work you have MS
  • support at work and changes you might need
  • taking time off
  • looking for a job
  • being self-employed
  • unfair treatment
  • our work toolkit – tables, guides and questionnaires to make things easier

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