Grants from the MS Society (leaflet)

Publish date: 
Nov 2015

The MS Society provides grants to people with MS for essential items and services needed as a direct result of their MS, for which there is no health or social services funding available.

The majority of grants are given through a network of local branches across the UK, with support from staff at our national centres.

Where relevant, you should have already approached the appropriate statutory agency regarding funding. Depending on the request, this may be your local health or social care authority.

Please see the Grants pages of the website for the most up-to-date information about our grants.

How to order information resources

You can order a free copy of any of our printed booklets, audio CDs and DVDs direct from the MS Society online shop

If you would like a large print version or a Word file for e-readers, please contact us (see below).

Please also contact us for bulk order requests (branches and health or social care professionals only) and any other questions.

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