Bicep curls - Exercising with MS - The Workout (1 of 9)

Work out your bicep muscles - the powerful lifting muscles of the upper arm. Keep them strong adds tone to your arms and is useful for lifting. This exercise is designed for people with MS and can be done standing or sitting. You will require light weights, an expander band, or even bottles filled with water or sand to do this exercise.

The video is taken from the MS Society's Exercising with MS DVD, and is led by Sally Gunnell OBE, an MS Society supporter.

About the DVD:

  • The programme and the routines contained within it may not be suitable for everyone; they may result in injury if they are not performed correctly.
  • It is recommended that everyone consult their doctor before beginning the work out or attempting any of the exercises demonstrated within the video.
  • The instructions and advice presented are in no way intended as a substitute to medical guidance.
  • The creators, producers and distributors of the programme do not accept responsibility for any injury, illness or accident incurred as a result of following this programme.
Page last updated: 15 Aug 2011

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