Recruiting participants for your research

We support research studies that are actively recruiting people with MS on our be in a study page.

This page has accessible information on trials and studies for people with MS, and allows anyone who is interested in taking part to voluntarily contact researchers.

We do not recommend this is used as the primary or only source of recruitment to research studies.

What studies do we advertise?

In order for your study or trial to be considered for our website it must:

  • be specifically relevant to people living with MS.
  • be carried out at an NHS institution or UK university.
  • have full ethics approval which includes the recruitment materials and the participant information sheet.
  • have all other relevant approvals and comply with UK legislation.
  • be led by an experienced researcher. In general we are not able to support projects undertaken as part of a master’s degree. 

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How do I include details of my trial or study on the website?

If you would like your study to be included on our website, please read our guidance document and complete the request form.

You will need to send the completed form to along with your:

  • ethics application and approval letter.
  • patient information sheet.
  • clinical trial protocol (if applicable).

Please note that it is at the discretion of the MS Society to refuse to include your study on our website.

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How long will this take?

Once you have submitted your request form we will aim to get back to you within two weeks. However, please be aware that if we need additional information this may take longer.

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Can I contact people living with MS directly?

We request that researchers do not contact MS Society members or groups directly for help with recruitment, but send all queries directly to the research team at:

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What other support is available?

Generally the recruitment support that we offer is limited to sharing information about studies on our be in a study page. In special circumstances we may be able to offer additional support. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

If you would like to request additional support once your study has been approved for the website, please contact the research team at

If you are not yet recruiting to a study but would like to involve people living with MS in the development of your study, contact our public involvement officer at

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