Over £2 million to new research to stop MS

Published date: 18 Oct 2017 at 11:00PM

We’re delighted to announce that 13 new research projects have been offered funding through our 2017 grant round.

Something for everyone

These projects cover many research areas, from improving services and support to understanding how MS works in more detail.

Many of the projects are investigating new treatment avenues such as myelin repair and neuroprotection, which could be effective for both relapsing and progressive MS.

One of the projects is led by Professor Robin Franklin at Cambridge University. Robin and his team aim to find out if re-programming cells in the brain and spinal cord can boost myelin repair in rodents. The theory is that by pushing cells back to their younger state, we can improve repair and slow or even stop progression.

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Chosen by people with MS and scientists

Our funding decisions are made together with people with MS, including members of our award-winning Research Network.

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Bold ambitions

Dr Susan Kohlhaas, our Director of Research, said: ‘We’re hugely excited about this announcement, as these landmark projects offer a glimpse of what the future of MS treatment could look like. All of our researchers have bold ambitions and we believe they could help us change what it means to live with MS.’

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