MS Society campaign shortlisted for award

Published date: 17 Nov 2014 at 2:52PM

The MS Society’s Treat Me Right campaign has been shortlisted for The Public Affairs Awards voluntary sector campaign of the year.

Launched during MS Week in April 2014, Treat Me Right is calling for the right treatment at the right time for people with MS.

Poor access to treatments and information

We found that thousands of people were not getting the care they need when we surveyed over 10,000 people with MS in late 2012. There was also poor access to information about treatment options, which healthcare professionals people should be seeing, and MS medicines.

The survey found that six out of 10 people with MS in the UK are not taking a medicine that can alter the course of the condition, despite being eligible. One in five had not seen their neurologist in the last 12 months.

Significant steps forward

Treat Me Right has already won widespread support with over 8,500 people signing up and 200 UK politicians pledging their support.

We called for considerable changes to the UK’s National Institute of Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guideline for MS.

Media coverage and pressure from you, the MS community, meant that NICE heard our demands.

The final guideline, published in October 2014, includes a number of our recommendations, including that all people with MS should have a regular review with an MS specialist.

Treatments blocked, fight continues

Access to two progressive MS treatments, Sativex and Fampyra, was blocked by NICE on the grounds they were too expensive. We believe this analysis was flawed.

So the Treat Me Right campaign is keeping the pressure on NICE to conduct a more thorough assessment - to ensure that people with MS in the UK have access to the right treatments for them at the right time.

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