MS cognitive rehabilitation clinical trial to begin

Published date: 11 Nov 2014 at 5:06PM

A clinical trial investigating cognitive rehabilitation in people with MS has been awarded £1,167,000 by the NHS’s Health Technology Assessment (HTA) Programme.

The trial, known as CRAMMS (Cognitive Rehabilitation for Attention and Memory in people with MS), will test whether a group cognitive rehabilitation programme can improve quality of life for people with MS.

Why is the CRAMMS trial needed?

Many people with MS experience problems with cognitive processes, such as memory, decision making and concentration. Unfortunately there are few effective treatments available for these symptoms. 

The CRAMMS trial will directly contribute towards the development of a therapy that could help people experiencing these problems.

It will invite people with MS to take part in weekly rehabilitation sessions with a psychologist and then evaluate the effects. It will be the largest UK symptom management clinical trial in MS and is a really significant investment for MS research.

MS Society funds related project

We are funding a project linked to the study (Delivering cognitive rehabilitation to people with MS) that will involve interviewing the people taking part, in order to learn more about people’s perceptions and experiences of receiving cognitive rehabilitation therapy.

Finding treatments that are effective in improving cognition in people with MS is one of our top 10 research priorities.

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