MS Society announces £1.45 million of new research

Published date: 27 Oct 2014 at 10:13AM

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We are delighted to announce funding for 15 exciting new research projects, costing a total of £1.45 million.

This brings our current number of active projects to 59, with research spanning cause, cure, symptom relief and MS services.

Finding effective treatments for progressive MS remains our number one research priority, and this is reflected in many of the projects listed below. We are also working towards this goal with the recently announced Progressive MS Alliance.

Many of the newly funded projects also focus on investigating what role the immune system plays in MS development and how we can improve quality of life for people affected by MS.

As part of our selection process, over 100 researchers and 52 members of the Research Network were involved in our peer-reviewed 2014 grant round, ensuring that we fund the highest quality research that meets the needs of people with MS.

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MS services

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