MS Society sets up two new short breaks partnerships

Published date: 30 Jul 2013 at 10:05AM

Happy family on a boardwalkThe MS Society is now working with two organisations to make it easier for people with MS and their families and carers to access a range of short breaks, respite care and holidays.

The Good Care Group

The Good Care Group has set up a new home respite and holiday care service specifically designed for people with MS. The MS Society has trained the Group’s professional carers, which means they’ll have a good understanding of the condition and will be able to provide people with the best support. The service is available for people with MS living in England and Scotland.

If you want to find out more about the specialist MS service email, call 08000 234 220 or visit The Good Care Group’s website.

Active Assistance

The MS Society has also worked with Active Assistance to develop a service for home respite and holiday care, and trained professional carers to make sure they have an in-depth knowledge of MS.

The service is already available in England and Wales, and people in Scotland will be able to access the service later in the year.

You can find out more by calling 01732 779 353 or by going to the Active Assistance website.

Financial support

The MS Society’s Short Breaks and Activities Fund can provide grants towards the costs of short breaks and holidays with care. To find out more and apply, call 0300 500 8084 and ask to speak to the grants team, or email

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