MS Society Awards 2013 - finalists

The MS Society Awards 2013 in association with Next has ten categories:

MS Carer of the Year

  • Martin Healey, Darlington. Martin cared for his wife Mandy for over 22 years until she passed away in 2011. They were married at 18 and Mandy was diagnosed with MS aged 30. He continued to care for her even after he was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Martin now cares for his mother-in-law who also has MS.
  • Andrew J Moore, Isle of Man. Andrew is the primary carer for his wife Bethany who has had MS for over eight years. Bethany’s symptoms have progressed significantly and she now uses a wheelchair. Andrew helps Bethany with all her physical needs, including driving her to her full-time job as a lecturer.
  • Peter Wrigley, Alresford, Hampshire. Peter is 72 and has cared for his wife Fabia since she was diagnosed with MS 35 years ago. Fabia can no longer speak but can still hear and smile to show her feelings. In his nomination Peter is praised as making a difference because he adores his wife and wants to make her life as interesting and normal as possible.

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MS Digital Media of the Year

  • Giovannoni and Team G, inc videos from MS research day Question Time session, Barts and the London School of Medicine
  •, Leeds. Founded by George Pepper and Freddie Yauner in 2006, is a social media site for young people with MS.
  • Barbara Stensland,, Cardiff, Wales. Created in 2012 after Barbara was diagnosed with MS, this blog shows the ‘funnier’ side to MS and gives others living with the condition some relief.


MS Fundraiser of the Year

  • Yvonne Booth, 10-in-10 Challenge, Keswick, Cumbria. Yvonne started fundraising in 2010 when her husband Duncan was diagnosed with MS. Her determination has motivated people in the local area to raise more than £50,000.
  • Kirsty Ferguson, general fundraising events, Camelford, Cornwall. Kirsty, a mum of three, was diagnosed with MS two years ago. She is unable to work, but puts her energy into fundraising and raising awareness of MS.
  • Stuart Rose, full and half marathon runs, Inverness, Scotland. Stuart was diagnosed with MS at 15, and started fundraising when he was 21. Using his diagnosis to spur him on, Stuart has raised more than £14,000 over the years.

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MS Media Coverage of the Year

  • Lucy Elkins – ‘How Botox helped Amy Winehouse's mother cope with her MS’- Daily Mail, 19.11.12. Lucy interviewed Janis Winehouse about her experiences of living with MS, raising awareness and sensitively highlighting symptoms not often discussed.
  • Hilary Freeman – Multiple sclerosis: ‘For 15 years, I’ve been living in limbo’ - Mail On Sunday, 21.10.12. Hilary’s article was a first person piece about living with MS for 15 years.
  • Lizzy Parry – Ipswich MS Nurse campaign - Ipswich Star, April – October 2012. Lizzie wrote a number of articles focusing on a local campaign led by people with MS and their carers, to see an MS nurse post reinstated.

MS Professional of the Year

  • Gail Clayton, first MS Nurse in Wales, University Hospital of Wales, Cardiff, Wales. Gail played a major role in developing the Cardiff MS service, in partnership with the MS Society Cymru. Growing the service significantly over the years, Gail now leads a team of five MS nurses supporting more than 1,400 people. Gail’s personal caseload is 200 - 300 people with MS.
  • Jacquie Downs Aryshire and Arran MS Service, Douglas Grant Rehabilitation Centre. This MS Service opened in 1991. Over the years innovative developments, including being the only open access relapse clinic in Scotland and offering regular domiciliary reviews for those who cannot travel to hospital, have made a difference to people with MS.
  • Val Woods, Manager, Bedford MS Therapy Centre. Val set up the MS Therapy Centre in Bedford 30 years ago with her husband Rex, who has MS. Starting out in a small industrial unit, Val has grown the service to a multi-million pound purpose-built centre providing therapy and support to over 1,000 members in Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire.

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MS Research of the Year

Adjusting to MS, Professor Rona Moss-Morris and co-authors:

  • A randomized controlled trial of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) for adjusting to multiple sclerosis (the saMS trial): Does CBT work and for whom does it work? 

Alemtuzumab, Dr Alasdair Coles, Prof Alastair Compston and co-authors:

  • CARE-MS I: Alemtuzumab versus interferon beta 1a as first-line treatment for patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis: a randomised controlled phase 3 trial.
  • CARE-MS II: Alemtuzumab for patients with relapsing multiple sclerosis after disease-modifying therapy: a randomised controlled phase 3 trial.

MS Invigor8, Professor Rona Moss-Morris and co-authors:

MS Register, Dr Kerina Jones and co-authors:

  • A large-scale study of anxiety and depression in people with Multiple Sclerosis: a survey via the web portal of the UK MS Register.

MS Volunteer of the Year

  • Trishna Bharadia, Supporting Asian Community/Young People, Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Trishna was diagnosed in 2008, and became a member of the Asian MS committee in 2011. She established the group’s newsletter, speaks regularly at Asian MS information days and events, participates in research days and writes for ‘Shift MS’ on a variety of MS-related topics.
  • Kate Mitchell, Establishing [model for] MS CAB partnership, Dawlish, Devon. Kate was pivotal in developing the very first MS and Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) partnership in 2006. Kate’s work has encouraged others to develop numerous MS and CAB partnerships throughout the country, ensuring vital support for an increasing number of people.
  • Tony Willmott, branch volunteer, South Suffolk. Tony has dramatically transformed how his local MS Society branch operates and the support if offers to local people living with MS. He set up regular social events, a freephone helpline, the branch newsletter and eNews bulletin. Tony also led the campaign for a replacement MS Nurse.

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MS Young Person of the Year

  • Isobel (Bella) Ellis, 500K bike ride, Huddersfield Age 17. Bella raised more than £16,000 by cycling solo over 500km from Huddersfield to Devon over five days, in memory of her late grandfather and for her mother and godmother who have been recently diagnosed. 
  • Stuart Rose, half and full marathon Runner, Inverness, Scotland, Age 23. Stuart was diagnosed with MS at 15 and his condition worsened to “highly active” relapsing remitting MS by 19. Despite his MS, he took up long distance running, completing two half marathons and a marathon. He’s also raised awareness of MS on Twitter, receiving support from Lord Alan Sugar, Gary Linekar, John Bishop and Eddie Izzard.
  • Priyal Raja, Raising awareness About MS. Kent, Age 20. Priyal, diagnosed at 14, raised awareness of MS by directing a documentary “coping with multiple sclerosis” about day-to-day life. The film focused on how keeping positive can make a difference. He is currently working in Bollywood to raise awareness of MS.

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MS Inspiration of the Year

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MS Lifetime Achievement

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