#MS Week - let's raise awareness together

MS Awareness Week

MS Awareness Week 2019 runs from 22-28 April. It's a chance to raise awareness of multiple sclerosis, and the reality of living with it. Join us to spread the word about MS. #ThisIsMS.

Most people have a vague idea what MS is, but lots of them are a bit confused. Some people know it causes problems with how we move. But what about how we feel? And the symptoms you can't see? For MS Awareness Week, let's help everyone understand #ThisIsMS.

How do I get involved?

There are lots of ways to get involved:

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Download and share MS Week social banners

We've made images for your social channels, based on your descriptions of life with MS. You can download them as banners or graphics to post on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.
Illustration of people having difficulty walking with hashtag ThisIsMS

Download our MS Week social media images

Which graphics describe your MS?

These cartoons were drawn from people's descriptions of some of the most common MS symptoms.

Download and share them on your social channels with how they feel for you using #ThisIsMS.

Let's spread the word about invisible and visible MS symptoms.

Raising awareness across the UK


George Adam MSP is hosting a reception at the Scottish Parliament on Tuesday 23 April. The event will focus on the positive impact of MS research happening in Scotland and our Stop MS campaign, which is launching later this year.
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We're asking local groups to help us raise awareness of MS and promote our projects in Wales through a series of articles in local newspapers. And a group of volunteers from South Wales are aiming to raise over £5,000 by taking on a wing walk.
Read about our work in Wales

Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, we're working with elected officials in the lead up to MS Awareness Week on issues such as personal independence payment (PIP), waiting times and the current review of neurology services.

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