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Kiss Goodbye to…alcohol: how I survive a sober night out

So you’ve binned the booze for Kiss Goodbye – great start. Worried how you’ll cope on your next night out and beyond? Never fear. Thanks to an alcohol allergy, I've been embracing sober nights out for years.

Here are my top tips for unwin(e)ding on an alcohol-free night out.

They hopped to play our Spring Raffle 2017… and they won!

Brown rabbits holding a placard that reads: Our Spring Raffle is now closed. Are you one of the lucky winners?

We’re very happy to announce the names of our Spring Raffle winners!

Kiss Goodbye to MS: how I gave up chocolate

Claire kiss goodbye to MS

Chocolate lover Claire has kissed goodbye to the sweet stuff for a whole month.

I’m a chocoholic. I’m often guilty of after dinner trips to the shop for snacks and raids on the biscuit tin. Once I even ordered a tub of chocolate ice cream - and only ice cream - to be delivered from Dominos...

Reconnect this Easter: top tips for going without tech

This Easter weekend, your very own Digital and Content team are in training for their Kiss Goodbye to MS challenge - pressing pause on technology. For many of us this feels a bit like going without oxygen.

Our top reasons to sign up for Tough Mudder

Do you have nerves of steel? Are you ready to put your mind and stamina to the test?

If the answer is yes, rally a support group and team up with us for Tough Mudder. Need more persuasion? Here are five reasons Tough Mudder is our favourite challenge…

1. Mud, mud and more mud

Embrace your inner child and jump right in that mud bath.

Cake Break: 4 easy steps for faking it

Are you holding a Cake Break this March and don't know where to start? We've got you covered with our four simple steps for faking it until you make it. It really is as easy as pie. Or cake.

>> Take a look at our Cake Break recipes.

5 reasons to walk this way

Photo of Brighton wheel against blue sky and sea by *jane* from flikr

5 top tips for a successful Cake Break

Cake Break is a fun, easy way to bring people together and raise funds for better treatments, services and information for everyone with MS.

You can bake homemade goodies, or pop to the supermarket for ready-made treats to share. Whether you’re a star baker, an expert faker or somewhere in between, you can take a Cake Break your way.

Cake Break: will you bake it or fake it?

Cake Break - will you bake it or fake it?

This March, we'd love you to join us for Cake Break and raise funds for better treatments, services and information for everyone with MS. 

Organise a bake off with your work mates, decorate cookies with the kids or invite your friends over for cake and a cuppa.

Did you win our Christmas Raffle?


We’re pleased to announce the winners of our Christmas Raffle 2016.

A huge thank you to all our incredible supporters who have entered or donated. You've helped to raise over £175,000! This is an amazing achievement that will help support our vital research and improve the lives of people with MS.

The winners are:

First prize (£4,000):

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