Gardens, MS and the National Gardens Scheme

  • Tony Johnstone loves gardening

Gardening is close to the hearts of many people with MS. So it’s a perfect match that we’re now a National Gardens Scheme (NGS) guest charity for 2016-2017.

People across England and Wales open up their gardens for NGS every year. And you can help by visiting a garden near you.

Visit an NGS garden

Into gardens? Or maybe you just fancy a great day out. The NGS has over 3,800 gardens open to the public across England and Wales.

The money raised supports a range of nursing and caring charities – and us too.

Find your nearest NGS garden today.

Or you can download the 'Find a Garden' app to plan your visit.

Gardening and MS

There's now growing evidence that gardening is great for wellbeing.

Find out more about gardening and MS from our community:

Tell us about your garden

Do you have green fingers? Does your garden help you to handle your MS? We want to hear from you.

Whether you want to tweet us a photo of your garden or share your story with our community, get in touch with us at:




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