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Stop MS Appeal Annual Lecture

Our seventh Stop MS lecture will be taking place at Royal College of Physicians on Wednesday 8 June from 6.45pm.

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The title of this year's lecture is: What drives MS progression? How research of today could impact treatments of tomorrow.

We're excited to announce that the lecture will be presented by Anna Williams, Professor of Regenerative Neurology and Honorary Consultant Neurologist at the Centre for Regenerative Medicine at the University of Edinburgh.

In her talk, Anna will share how she combines clinical expertise with lab research to help us understand what is driving progression in MS. She’ll also be sharing up-to-date information about the work she and her colleagues are doing right now.

She’ll also explore how these discoveries might impact the future of treatments. Including how drugs will be identified for testing in our multi-arm, multi-stage trial Octopus.

After the lecture, there'll be a panel session with our esteemed Scientific Ambassadors, where you'll get the opportunity to ask a question.

Watch the lecture online

Can't make it to the lecture? You'll still be able to watch it live on YouTube.

Tune in on Wednesday 8 June from 6.45pm.

Watch the lecture livestream on YouTube