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Two women on a MS walking event holding a map

Why we walked for MS

Hannah Paull

Emma and her wife Miri are big fans of the MS Walk. Emma tells us what she enjoys most about the event and why she's getting involved again.

I was diagnosed with MS five and a half years ago years ago. It was a difficult time for me and a big thing to wrap my head around. My family and I really relied on the MS Society for support. I wanted to give back and meet other people with MS, so I started volunteering six months later.

Walking for MS

I've taken part in lots of fundraising events for the MS Society, but the walk is probably the biggest.

I took part last year with my wife – only two weeks after having a cast removed following a broken ankle! It was a good goal to work towards after being off my feet for six weeks.

We really enjoyed being surrounded by other people walking for the same cause. It felt great to be part of a big group and we had a lot of lovely chats with strangers as I hobbled around the route. The gathering at the beginning before we set off was fun too.

Part of something bigger

It was actually my first time in Battersea Park and it really is beautiful!

I think it’s a great event for anyone living with MS. There was no pressure to get around the route quickly, unlike a race. The emphasis was on working to your own ability and there are three different distances to choose from – 6km, 10km or 20km. I felt like I was part of something bigger.

I think we raised about £500. We took the shortest route, but I wasn't long out of my leg cast so I think that encouraged people to dig deep!

MS Walk 2017

This year we are planning to volunteer at the event rather than do the walk. We hope to encourage people as they arrive and make their way around the park.

You may see us whooping and cheering on a corner of the route!