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Image shows a group of friends after competing in a marathon

Using a wheelchair to running the Loch Ness Marathon 10K

Carla Callaghan

Gail Sutherland says her first Loch Ness Marathon 10K was ‘nerve-racking’ but considering her MS had meant Gail needed to use a wheelchair, we think she’s nothing short of an inspiration!

Together with the Dallas Divas, a group of friends from her village in Moray, Gail ran in last year’s Loch Ness Marathon and wants to share the fantastic experience.

Starting a running group

Gail decided she wanted to start running in May 2015 – and she was in good company when a group of friends joined in, supporting, helping and cheering each other on to reach their goal of completing the 10k.

The group of friends, Fiona, Myra, Kirsty and Gail, raised a phenomenal £1,347.50 to support people living with MS in Scotland.

Why the Dallas Divas are running to help stop MS

Gail, who was diagnosed with MS in 2001, says: "Taking part was very nerve-racking, but also exciting! It was easier knowing we had our family and friends waiting at the finish line. We were also really driven because of all those that had sponsored us." Gail added: “We were - and are - overwhelmed by the generosity of our friends, family and work colleagues. Getting to the finish line was an amazing feeling - lots of support and the atmosphere was great!”