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Image shows Sara in the Sahara desert

Sara takes on the Sahara

Hannah Paull

We sat down with intrepid adventurer Sara to talk about the Sahara Trek and what inspired her to tackle some of Planet Earth's harshest terrain.

What made you want to take on the Sahara Trek?

I firmly believe if you look to raise money for charity, it has to be something challenging. I cannot ask people to sponsor me for something I’ve previously completed or would be a walk in the park. The people we raise money for struggle everyday so the challenge needs to increase each time for me.

When I was looking for my next challenge I wanted it to be something memorable, something big and something beyond my comfort zone a little. I looked at lots of the ‘big experiences’ like Kilimanjaro and The Grand Canyon, but they were all a little out of my price range and something just wasn’t right for me.

I stumbled across the Sahara Trek, 62 miles and five days living in the desert, the Berber way. I am a clean freak. I love the sun, but only to lay in. Tan lines are not my friend. And camping….where will I plug my hairdryer in? I knew then this was the one.

How did it go?

I booked on this trip as a solo traveler, luckily the joys of Facebook these days meant a group had been set up so I had briefly chatted to some people before taking on the trek.

We spent the first night getting to know each other before the long bus ride out to the edge of the Sahara, greeted by camels the journey began.

We trekked a few hours morning and night with several breaks in between. Camp was set up before nightfall and dinner cooked for you. Food was lovely; our first meal was a ‘beef roast dinner’.

What was the hardest part?

Apart from the toilets, it would have been getting caught in a sandstorm. We had to be separated from the camels and trek on through. I ate a lot of sand that day. After five days in the desert with no showers, toilets or clean clothes, baby wipes become your best friend.

What was the most memorable part of the challenge?

I couldn’t pick one! Halfway through the trek you reach Erg Chigaga, aka Eric, which is the turnaround point. This is the largest dune in the Sahara and the climb to the top to watch the sunset is something I’ll never forget. Wow wow wow.

Sleeping out under the stars on the last evening, getting caught in the sandstorm and singing songs around a campfire with nothing around you also come to mind.

Would you recommend the Sahara Trek to others?

Without a shadow of a doubt. Going on this trek changed my life. I met some fantastic people who will be part of my life for a very long time. We shared something no-one else can understand.

This experience is something I will never forget. it changed my whole outlook on life and made me want to experience things I never imagined I would. If you never do anything else, do the Sahara trek. I promise you won't regret it.