Woman kissing goodbye to technology

Reconnect this Easter: top tips for going without tech

This Easter weekend, your very own Digital and Content team are in training for their Kiss Goodbye to MS challenge - pressing pause on technology. For many of us this feels a bit like going without oxygen.

MS Society digital team giving up technology

But we know it's the right thing to do. There's a big world out there. This Easter we're going to reconnect with it and do our bit to Kiss Goodbye to MS. Read our top tips on switching off.

Delete that app: Liz's Netflix shame

I’m horrendously obsessed with Netflix. I wake up in my bed on a Saturday morning and watch Netflix on my phone for basically the whole day. I even hold it and watch while I’m cooking my dinner. Do I need to tell anyone this? Please don’t judge me.


Photo: Digital Engagement Manager Liz and Video Producer Ben

My training will involve deleting the Netflix app from my phone, driving home to see my parents and cramming my weekend full of activity. I used to love reading – so no more TV adaptions or film remakes for me. I’ll be going traditional and shaking the dust off my beloved books.

Multi-gadget Frances plans a trip through time

Giving up broadband and TV is going to be tough. Coming from a big family, I find a quiet house unnerving. So when I’m home alone, I always have something on in the background – often it's guilty pleasure TV (Hollyoaks, anyone?). And I use Twitter to see what’s going on in the world. In fact, it’s not unusual for me to be watching something on the telly, googling something on the iPad, and checking Twitter on my phone – all at the same time.


Photo: There may be trouble ahead I’m preparing to go without by retrieving the CDs that have been sitting under my bed for the past few years. I’m quite looking forward to rediscovering old albums, and reliving my (pre-Spotify) uni days. Now I just need to unearth my ancient CD player, and work out how to connect it to my speakers.

Harry's YouTube cold turkey


Photo: Digital Project Manager Harry kissing goodbye to online entertainment

We don't have satellite, cable or Freeview at home, so I watch everything online, usually on YouTube. From how-to videos, breaking news and video blogs, to listening to music and catching up with the teletubbies, it's my saviour.

I think going cold-turkey is the best approach for this. In the coming days, I'll be researching alternative offline libraries to fill in the gaps. I might even speak to friends and family for DIY advice instead of googling it!

Ben and Simon prepare for a wilderness without memes


Simon and Ben are our finger on the pulse of the internet. Like the Egyptians before them, they mainly communicate in pictograms and rely heavily on images of cats.

They're preparing for their ‘meme-fast’ by binging on memes ahead of our Kiss Goodbye to MS challenge in May.

Are you ready to press pause for a good cause? We know this challenge won't be easy but it's worth it. We're ready to take the plunge into real life and raise money to fund vital MS research. Are you?

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