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MS Xmas list daughter with santa

My Christmas wish list


Dear Father Christmas, I do hope you’re well and gearing up for all those deliveries. Don't forget to wrap up warm and make sure your beard is properly protected.

You should have received my daughter's list by now. She's been very good this year and has done her homework without (much) nagging and cleaned her teeth beautifully.

Since we're chatting, Father C (can I call you that?), here's what I'd like for me – and every MSer – this festive season.

A cause, a cure and continual myelin repair, please. Plus genuinely feeling as well as we look. You could make a lot of people very, very happy.

But I appreciate you may not be able to deliver those in time for Christmas 2017. So, on a personal note, here's some alternative options for me this year:

  1. Beautiful sky-scraper heels with hidden microchips in the bottom that automatically balance me. I'd quite like to sashay down the street again without wondering where the nearest flower bed is to cushion my fall.
  2. A wearable hot water bottle/cool pack suit, which intuitively adjusts to my personal temperature needs, thereby preventing my hands/legs/everything packing up on me when the environment gets just one degree too warm or too cool.
  3. A fabulous, sparkling blue eye patch, adorned with jewels and peacock feathers. Styling out my eye damage.
  4. A flashing badge with a changeable slogan to represent my experience on any given day. Options include: “Today I...said stupid stuff in a work meeting because my brain won’t function/cried in the kitchen to hide the worry from my daughter/slurred in public and had to explain the not-being-drunk thing for the 75th time/inwardly crumbled at a thoughtless comment....BUT I AM STILL GOING.”
  5. A machine which allows other people to experience all my symptoms: both the ‘Bam! Gotcha!’ out-the-blue ones and the constant, wearing, dragging ones – emotional and physical. I'd only switch it on for a short period (unless they’d really annoyed me), but it might help them to get an insight into what I'm trying to explain.

If you could possibly see your way clear to bringing just a single gift from the above suggestions (number one! bring number one!) I would be extremely grateful.

Yours in hope,

Caroline xx

P.S. Carrot, milk and mince pies will be in the usual place. I don't mind the crumbs, but please don't let Dasher and Prancer chew the carpet again.

Will you help deliver new MS treatments, faster? Treatments that can repair myelin are top of our Christmas list, too. Our researchers are working on some clever science to repurpose existing drugs to treat MS. But they need your support to run the crucial clinical trials that will get them approved. Will you help?

About Caroline: Caroline was diagnosed with MS in 2004. She loves music, her family and friends and the occasional gin. Read more from Caroline on her blog.