Woman taking part in Kiss Goodbye to MS

Kiss Goodbye to… alcohol: how I survive a sober night out

So you’ve binned the booze for Kiss Goodbye – great start. Worried how you’ll cope on your next night out and beyond? Never fear. Thanks to an alcohol allergy, I've been embracing sober nights out for years.

Here are my top tips for unwin(e)ding on an alcohol-free night out.

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1. Act natural

A few of your friends might know you’re off the wine, but no one else will. Throw your dancing shoes on, act natural and no one will suspect a thing.


2. Recruit some pals

There’s power in numbers. Get your squad to join your fundraising effort and you won’t notice the difference.

3. Have a drink in hand

If you’re used to having a drink in your hand then find a substitute. Grab a fruity mocktail or try a lime and soda. Your hand won’t feel empty and your head will thank you in the morning. Cheers to that!


4. Count your pennies

Your wallet will immediately start to feel fuller when you leave the wine on the shelf – result. Put your pounds towards a treat for yourself, or your fundraising target. Obviously.

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