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How Wellspect support us

Over the past six years Wellspect have been supporting the MS Society and offered guidance, support, recognition and care to those living with MS.

Providing information

Bladder problems are common in MS and Wellspect, who are ‘a leading global provider of innovative medical devices’ for this issue, regularly attend the our information events including Living with MS to support people living with MS.

There, the Wellspect team run practical sessions on managing symptoms, with a focus on urinary retention or chronic constipation, and living well with MS.

Proud sponsors

Wellspect have also been the proud sponsor of our events, including Living with MS across the country.

The company told us: “Here at Wellspect we passionately strive to make a difference every day to everyone who needs our bladder and bowel products. Those with MS are one of the key groups of people that we want to help to live a more independent life. Attending the MS Society’s events has meant that we are able to reach out to these people and their loved ones. It is important to us that we listen to their needs and together we can make a real difference.”

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