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Image shows cake being put in to an oven

Five last minute Cake Break recipes sure to impress

Hannah Maunder

Short of time? In a muddle over metrics? You can still whip up some tasty treats for Cake Break. We love these no-fuss recipes for all the family.

Yoghurt Pot Cake

Some say the careful measurement of ingredients is the key to baking success, but you don’t have to quibble over quantities here.

For the more happy-go-lucky baker, we recommend this fool-proof recipe. Your tools are a yoghurt pot and a big spoon. What’s all the fuss about?

>> Click here to check out the recipe

Chocolate Cornflake Cake

Many of us started out by making chocolate cornflake cakes. Some of us went no further. And that is absolutely fine, because they taste great.

Customise with your signature topping and don’t be surprised if these are the first to run out.

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Top Hats

OK, these can’t really be classed as cakes. But what could be more cheering than a little top hat? Make someone smile today, pop a smartie on a marshmallow.

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Raymond Blanc’s Chocolate Mousse

"But I want to impress everyone with my mastery" we hear you cry! No problem. This sophisticated yet simple recipe is for you. Like the humble top hat, it’s also not a cake.

Unlike a Top Hat, you could present this to the Masterchef judges. And win. (Caution: This is not as easy as making top hats. You will need to be a whizz with a whisk.)

>> Find Raymond's Chocolate Mousse recipe here

Chocolate Fridge Cake

Left it a bit late in the day to make something for Cake Break? This recipe is easier than making a cup of cocoa.

Mix up lots of lovely things, put them in your fridge, go to bed, dream sweet dreams and by morning you’ll have a cake to take to your Cake Break.

>> Check out the recipe

You don’t have to produce a show stopper to hold a Cake Break (although we love it when you do!). It’s this easy to raise money to beat MS, and give your friends, family and colleagues a tasty treat.

Give one of these recipes a go and let us know how you get on via #CakeBreak.