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Image shows Hannah Jones smiling for a picture

Dear Santa, will you help my dad?

Babs Guthrie

Hannah isn’t asking for presents or chocolate this Christmas - she just wants her dad to get better.

Hannah grew up watching her dad battle MS and wanted to do something to bring him a bit of festive cheer this Christmas. So she wrote to Father Christmas to ask for a present you can't order online - a cure for MS. This is what she said:

Dear Santa,

How are you?

This year I would like something you can't find in a shopping mall or Santa's workshop all I want is my dad to get better this year. Please help.

Love from Hannah age 9

Dancing with her star

Hannah's dad, Tim was diagnosed in 2011 while working as a civil servant in central London. His MS has since progressed and he uses a wheelchair. Tim and Hannah are very close. Just last year they performed a wheelchair dance solo together for her school.

Fundraising to fight MS

Photo shows Hannah holding her certificate at the MS Awards 2017 with her dad Despite being only nine, Hannah does amazing work for the community. She's even been recognised at our awards for all her fundraising.

She wants to do all she can for her dad. And she hopes by writing to Santa this Christmas, she’ll help speed up new treatments and find a way to stop MS.