Save my MS nurse

MS nurse

There’s a risk that the current financial pressures on the health service will lead to MS specialist nurse posts being removed or frozen.

Thousands of you have told us how important your MS specialist nurse is, and how difficult life would be without their support.

We know that access to MS nurses varies around the UK - see our MS nurse map for more information

We’re fighting for

  • Protection of MS specialist nurse posts from cuts

What we’re doing

  • Developing tools to help you protect your MS nurse service. If you live in England download our guide on how to campaign to save your MS nurse.
  • Telling political representatives about how important MS specialist nurses are to their constituents.
  • We're part of the Royal College of Nursing’s Frontline First campaign to make sure MS specialist nurses are seen as a vital frontline service.
  • Working locally to gather information on posts that are at risk, and supporting campaigners to fight back.

MS nurses map

The map shows how access to MS nurses varies around the UK. Numbers are nurses per 1000 people with MS (see key below).


Page last updated: 17 May 2013

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