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General Election 2015: Big battles ahead for MS community

Michelle Mitchell

As the dust settles after one of the most hotly contested elections in recent history, the result was not at all predictable: no coalition in sight and a slender Conservative majority in the Commons.

Independent reviews of the WCA and PIP now published

The Government has now published the findings of the 2 independent reviews it set up to look into how the Work Capability Assessment and Personal Independent Payment are working.

Dr Paul Litchfield led the fifth independent review of the WCA, while Paul Grey carried out the first independent review of PIP. 

Care Act: final regulations and guidance published

MS Society flags waving in front of Big BenThe Care Act comes into full force in April 2015 - and the final versions of its regulations and guidance, which help local authorities follow the law, have just been published. 

The new guideline for MS – what does it mean?

Today, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (

Making sure the Care Act works for people with MS

Now that the Care Act has been agreed by the Queen (gained Royal Assent), the Government has been drafting new regulations and guidance that outline how local authorities should put the Act into practice. 

In June the Government published this draft for formal consultation.

How do new medicines get approved in England and Wales?

Orange and white capsulesBefore new medicines are made available in England, they undergo an appraisal by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE).

We take a look at the appraisal proccess in England, what happens if a medicine is not recommended by NICE and how you can campaign to access treatments.

Local campaigning toolkit: out now!

Do you want to get loud about the issues that matter to you by starting a campaign to improve the lives of people affected by MS in your area?

Then our new local campaigning toolkit is for you! Whether you've got lots of time to spare or a hectic schedule, anyone can campaign to change the lives of people affected by MS. From writing a letter to organising a public meeting, there are plenty of ways to get involved.

Bedroom tax: information on changes to housing benefit rules

From April 2013, if you live in a council or housing association home and claim housing benefit, new rules could mean cuts to your housing benefit. These are known as under-occupancy rules or, more commonly, the 'bedroom tax'.

People judged to have spare rooms could lose on average £728 per year from their Housing Benefit, unless they can move somewhere smaller.

Some disabled adults will face a stark choice: pay more to stay in their home or leave.

Help end prescription charges for long-term conditions in England

From 1 April 2013 prescription charges will be increased by 20p to £7.85 per prescription item. A new report by the Prescription Charges Coalition - 'Paying the Price' - looks at what are the true cost of prescription charges for people with long-term conditions.

Wales needs a new social care system

Luke Jones sitting at a deskWith the future of social care becoming a major issue in Wales, Public Affairs Intern, Luke Jones, offers his insight into challenges ahead.