What a relief: UK Toilets all mapped out for World Toilet Day

Today is the 16th World Toilet Day, a special day to raise awareness of the world sanitation crisis and, more locally, of toilet provision for people who really need them.

Most people in the UK are lucky and don’t have to think too much about where they use a toilet. But for a lot of people who have MS, locating an accessible toilet is often crucial. It can be tough if you don’t know where they are.

So it's great news that Changing Places Consortium have made a new map showing the location of 770 changing places toilets across the UK.

What makes changing places toilets different?

A Changing Places toilet provides extra space and facilities for the people who use them, small changes that make a world of difference.

They all have:

  • a height adjustable changing bench
  • a track hoist system or mobile hoist
  • enough space for a disabled person and up to two carers
  • a screen to allow for privacy
  • a non-slip floor

Where can I find these magic toilets?

Find your area on the map at their dedicated site and find out how you can support their campaign for Changing Places toilets to be installed in all big public spaces.

We're working with them to ensure that the 250,000 people in the UK who need personal assistance to use the toilet or change continence pads have access to the facilities they need.

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