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We know that people living with MS access the different treatments and therapies they need in a variety of locations.

You might need to see a neurologist, an MS nurse, a physio or a counsellor as part of your care. You might see them in a specialist hospital, a local hospital or in your own home.

In some cases, you may not have access to the services you need at all.

Going the distance to access MS treatments

We’re trying to better understand how, and where, people with MS access their care and support services. We want to know about any variations that exist across England.

We're hearing some people are unable to access their preferred Disease Modifying Therapy (DMT) close to home. So they face a choice between travelling a long way for treatment, choosing a different treatment (if they can), or taking no treatment at all.

Access to other important services, like physiotherapy or neuro rehab, can also vary, depending on where you live.

Will you feed into NHS England's consultation?

Everyone with MS should be able to access the treatment and care they need.

Right now, NHS England are planning a consultation on how care services for neurological conditions like MS should be provided in the future. By answering our survey, you’ll help make sure we can respond and represent the needs of our MS community in the consultation.

Share your experience

We need your help to make sure NHS England knows what people with MS need from their support services. There's a space at the end of the survey where you can tell us more about your experience if you want to.

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