Help us save MS specialist nurses

MS specialist nursing posts in England are at risk. To date, the MS Society has saved 16 MS specialist nursing posts from being axed, but with your help we can ensure we protect many more.

Today we launch a map which shows where there is currently MS specialist nurse provision, and a guide to help you campaign to save your MS nurse in England if their post is at risk.

MS specialist nurses provide people with crucial support – they’re the gateway to other specialist services and are often the first port of call for people with MS when they have questions about their symptoms or condition.

In recent years, as a result of NHS budget cuts, specialist nursing posts have become increasingly ‘at risk’ – we’ve heard of nurse hours being reduced, roles coming under review and some being cut all together.

We want to put a stop to this uncertainty and ensure MS nursing posts are seen as a priority by the NHS.

My MS specialist nurse is one of the anchors in my life, and a wonderfully approachable, warm, down-to-earth and practical person.
Christopher, person with MS

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