Lib Dems call on Clegg to oppose benefit cuts – now you can too

A large number of Liberal Democrats have written to Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg calling on him to back the Lords amendment to allow disabled people to retain Employment Support Allowance for at least two years without being means tested.

With under a month to go before MPs vote on the Lords amendment, now is more important than ever before for you to take our e-action and call on your local MP for support. The votes are expected to be incredibly close; every single vote really will count and the power to influence MPs lies with you.

In a letter to Clegg the former Lib Dem parliamentary candidates write: "The DWP estimates that 94% of disabled people will take longer than a year to find work. This means that many who remain unemployed after these 12 months will lose all benefit support. “It means that by 2015/16, 700,000 people would be affected and 280,000 would lose their entire benefit payment – currently £94.25 per week. We are deeply concerned that the minister, Chris Grayling, has already indicated he intends the welfare reform bill to pass without the amendments [from the Lords] on contributory ESA when the bill returns to the Commons [where MPs vote].”

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