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Work, health and disability Green Paper response falls short

This week the Government published its official response to last year's Green Paper on work, health and disability. It addresses some of our concerns, but we need more commitment to support for people with MS.

What did the Green Paper say for people with MS?

In November 2016, the Government published a Green Paper on work, health and disability. It included plans to help employers support people with chronic conditions or disabilities in work.

But we were worried about planned changes to disability benefits. Particularly plans that could have meant people with MS in the Employment Support Allowance (ESA) support group would have to prepare to return to work before they were ready.

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How we spoke up together

In January 2017, we asked you what you thought about the Green Paper plans, and to share your experiences of work and welfare.

We used your feedback to write to the Government. We told them work isn’t always good for people’s health. And they need to do more to support people with MS who can’t work.

We need more help for people with MS

Today’s paper provides an outline of the Government’s plans over the next ten years.

It’s good they've listened and no longer plan to make people in the ESA Support Group prepare for work before they're ready. However, we still have questions about how helpful some of the suggested support will be for people with MS who can't work.

Michelle Mitchell, our Chief Executive, had this to say: “The Government’s intention to improve the lives of disabled people is welcome, but this response falls short of what we need to address the challenges people with MS face. Many of them simply can’t work and need better forms of support.

“We urge the Government to provide proper support to help people either stay in, or transition out of work, when they need it.”

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