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UK Houses of Parliament

What’s happening with social care?

This week the House of Lords voted against a proposal. The proposal means only wealthier people would be protected by the proposed cap on care costs. So this could mean a major positive step for social care in England.

The government announced its white paper proposing changes to social care in England back in December 2021. And we spoke about our concern that the proposed cap on care costs was not as generous as it seemed. Since then, we’ve been working with other charities to make sure the reforms work for everyone with MS who needs care.

Make care costs fair

In the government’s current plan, most people with low or moderate amounts of wealth would not be protected by the cap. But wealthier people would.It would be particularly unfair on working-age disabled adults as they’re more likely to have less wealth than older people.

We think this is wrong.

No one should face unaffordable care costs. And poorer people or disabled people shouldn’t be put under financial pressure more than anyone else.

A positive step is on the way

This proposal needs to be agreed by Parliament for it to come into effect. This week the House of Lords voted against the measure. This is a great first step towards getting rid of the measure entirely and making the cap fairer for everyone.

We worked together with other charities including Mencap, Age UK and the Neurological Alliance. And persuaded members of the House of Lords to vote against it by talking about the negative impact on people who need social care.

What’s next?

The government could now decide to abandon their unfair measure altogether. If not, then MPs will be asked to vote on it again later this month.

We'll speak to as many MPs as possible before then, asking them to vote against the proposal.

Disabled people must not be disadvantaged  

We’re also pushing for working-age disabled adults to have additional protection from unaffordable costs. Young disabled people and many people with MS haven’t been able to plan for social care support or save for care costs.

We know affording the care you need alongside other costs of having a condition like MS can be a struggle. It isn’t right that younger disabled people find themselves unable to save for a home like other people their age. Or to pay for other essentials like mobility aids because of the cost of vital care and support.

That’s why we think anyone who develops eligible care needs at or before the age of 40 should get their care for free. This would mean the cap on care costs is set at ‘zero’. After the age of 40, we think the level of the cap should increase in steps from zero. This would be in line with people’s changing financial circumstances as they age.

We’ll let you know over the coming weeks how you can get involved in our campaigning.

Tell us what you think

Do you think the cap is fair? How do you think it would affect you and your family if you needed care?

We’d like to hear your thoughts and experiences of social care. Please get in touch with us at [email protected]

When we speak up together, we're stronger.