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What we won in 6 weeks of action

Babs Guthrie

In the last 6 weeks we’ve been speaking up, and decision makers are listening.

Too many people affected by MS across the UK are having to fight for the treatments, care, and financial support they need. So in September we launched 6 weeks of action on these key issues to stand up for people living with MS across the UK.

Taking joint action on PIP

First, we joined with over 80 other charities to remind the government that PIP just isn’t working. At the same time, a parliamentary inquiry was launched to look at both PIP and ESA assessments. Together, we’re keeping up the pressure to reform PIP.

Victory in Northern Ireland

Earlier this month, 5,190 of you came together nationwide to stop plans to delay access to disease modifying therapies (DMTs) in Northern Ireland. And we won!

On 13 October the Belfast Health and Social Care Trust – the budget holder for all DMTs in Northern Ireland – dropped their plans.

Speaking out on social care

The social care system in England is in crisis. It’s failing to deliver the quality care that people affected by MS of all ages rely on to live independently. The government promised to improve social care in England and to ask us how. But we’re still waiting.

We can’t wait any longer. Together we’ve already written to 457 out of a possible 533 MPs in England. Thank you! Now 80 other charities are helping keep up the pressure.

Will you add your voice and speak up for MS?

Our 6 weeks of action might be over, but we’re not stopping there.

We’ll continue to speak up for MS and fight for the treatments, care, and financial support people affected by MS need.

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