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What the Budget means for people with MS

Emma Vasey

Today, Chancellor Rishi Sunak MP outlined the UK government’s spending plans for the next year, including spending increases across the economy.

Delivering a Budget “for challenging times,” he gave the NHS a blank cheque for whatever it needs to overcome coronavirus – whether it's “millions or billions of pounds.”

There were several important announcements for people with MS.

Changes to personal independence payment (PIP)

We’ve been campaigning for changes to PIP, and we’re pleased the UK government will reduce the frequency of reassessments by setting a minimum award length of 18 months.

But there’s still lots more to be done on PIP, and we’ll continue to campaign for it to work for people with MS.

What else was included?

The Chancellor also pledged:

  • £30 million to provide more Changing Places toilets in new and existing buildings
  • An extra £50 million to improve accessibility at 12 railway stations up and down the country
  • £200 million for research and development in health and life science innovations.

Waiting on a plan for social care

Unfortunately, the Chancellor did not set out any significant funding for social care. Instead, the UK government will consult on ideas for social care across Parliament over the coming months.

We’ll continue to campaign in Parliament for a fair, effective and properly funded social care system.

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