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What does the Queen’s Speech mean for people with MS?

Joe Brunwin

This week, the UK Government published its Queen’s Speech. This outlined the new laws it plans to introduce to help ‘level up opportunities’ across all parts of the UK. We take a look at what the proposals could mean for people with MS.

NHS England reform

Plans are afoot for a reorganisation of the way that NHS England works. This will include creating integrated care systems (ICSs) across England to deliver care and support.

Greater integration of health and care services may be a good thing. Especially if it means local councils, NHS and other partners working together more effectively to provide better care. We’ll be asking the Government to make sure any changes don't disrupt the standard of care people with MS receive, or the availability of disease modifying therapies.

A National Strategy for Disabled People

The UK Government has committed to consult on proposals to improve the support offered to disabled people as part of a Health and Disability Green Paper. This will include potential changes to the welfare system. We know that PIP is failing people with MS, so this will be an important opportunity for us to speak up together about what needs to change.

The Government will also publish a National Strategy for Disabled People this year. This will aim to make practical changes for disabled people that remove barriers and increase opportunity. We’ll be examining this closely when it’s published to make sure it reflects the needs of people with MS.

Still no plan for social care

Almost two years ago the Prime Minister promised to fix the crisis in social care with “a clear plan we have prepared”. However, we are still waiting for firm proposals on what the Government plan to do to fix the underfunded social care system, and to support the care workforce.

We know that access to better care and support is a priority for many people with MS, especially after the pandemic. We're working alongside other charities, as part of the Care and Support Alliance, to highlight the need for better support for those who need personal care and practical support with everyday tasks. We’ll campaign to make sure the system works for everyone, including working aged adults.

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