Four people with MS at the APPG event in Parliament

Speaking up for progressive MS

Earlier this week we headed to Westminster to speak to MPs about the need for treatments for progressive MS, including ocrelizumab, and to ask them to #SpeakUpForMS.

In September 2018, the first licensed treatment for primary progressive MS was denied approval to be available on the NHS in England and Wales. NICE declared that ocrelizumab cost too much for the benefits it can provide.

Our community working together

More than 21,000 of you signed our petition to say this is wrong, and thousands of you emailed and tweeted your MPs to ask them to come along to the event.

Thanks to your work, we had a great turnout. This gave us an opportunity to explain why it’s vital that ocrelizumab is made available on the NHS for people with primary progressive MS.

Making the case for ocrelizumab

At the event, MPs heard directly from people with primary progressive MS, like 25 year old Holly, who led our petition. Here’s what Holly had to say about the day:

“I felt honoured to be in Westminster, having the opportunity to speak to other people who have been affected by the decision not to approve ocrelizumab – and to people who can help to reverse the decision.

If this drug did get approved, I would be able to plan my future better. I’m 25, so it would make me think of things like having kids, if I’d be able to do that. The decision-makers need to think of the individuals this affects, not just the cost.”

So what happens next?

We’ll be following up with all of the MPs who attended to let them know how they can continue supporting the campaign. And we're in close contact with NHS England, NICE and Roche about the need to find a deal to allow access to the treatment on the NHS. We’ll keep you updated on any developments.

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