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Scotland's Neurological Action Plan explained

Hannah Maunder

The Scottish Government have put together a draft plan to shape the future of neurological services in Scotland. What does it cover? And how can you help shape it?

What is the Neurological Action Plan?

The Neurological Action Plan is the Scottish Government’s vision to drive improvement in the care and support offered to people living with a neurological condition in Scotland.

What does it cover?

The plan highlights five aims and makes 17 commitments. These outline how the government intend to achieve their vision of improving the quality of care and support. This is the first action plan for neurology in Scotland. So it’s a big step forward in planning and providing high quality neurological care and support.

How could it affect people living with MS?

As part of the neurological community, people living with MS will be directly be affected by it. It should mean that you’ll experience higher quality of care and support. And it should also make access to treatment more consistent and remove any regional differences.

Does this plan affect carers?

The first aim of the plan is to ‘ensure people with neurological conditions and their carers are partners in their care and support.’

It’s clear from the plan that carers are seen to have an important role in enabling people with a neurological condition to live well.

How can I influence the plan?

The government have made public for consultation the draft version of the plan. You can read it and share your views online directly.

Alternatively, we’re putting together our response to the plan, and we need to gather as many views across the MS community as we can. Could you help us? You can share your feedback with us in a variety of ways, either in writing, a telephone conversation or possibly by attending a group discussion either online or in person.

To find out more about how to contribute please contact Keith Park at [email protected]

When’s the deadline?

We have until 8 February to respond.

This is a rare opportunity for us to influence such a substantial piece of work. The plan will be in place until 2024, so we won’t get a chance like this again for at least five years. So whether you get in touch with us or respond directly online, let’s make sure the views of the MS community are heard by the government.