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Members of the APPG for MS at Westminster

Pushing MS up the political agenda

Matija Tomanovic

Yesterday marked a significant day for our campaigning in Westminster - three MS campaigners joined the All Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) for MS.

The biggest issues affecting people with MS

The APPG is a group of MPs and Peers from all parties - and now people with MS have officially become part of the group too. The group works hard to put MS on the political agenda at Westminster and beyond.

George, Philippa and Susan, who all live with MS, were joined in Westminster by MPs and Peers from across the UK. They spent the morning talking about the biggest issues affecting people with MS, and what they could do to help put these on the political agenda.

The group looked at comments sent in by hundreds of our campaigners, along with a range of other evidence we’ve collated, to better understand the views and experiences of people with and affected by MS.

Hoping to achieve meaningful process

George, who lives in London and has primary progressive MS is one of the new APPG officers. He spoke to us about the day:

“It was great to talk with MPs and Peers about possible solutions to some of the problems flagged by the MS community. It’s useful to know what issues affect other people with MS and encouraging to see the extent our politicians understand MS.

"It was particularly helpful to hear the opinions of those from Scotland and Northern Ireland. I’m sure that our different experiences will lead to better outcomes in future.

"Personally, I’d like to focus on promoting social inclusion and accessibility for those, like me, whose MS has led to disability. In particular, access to public transport, bars and restaurants, and toilets.

Going forwards, I hope that the APPG can identify a few target issues and achieve meaningful progress. With the support of the MS Society and engaged MPs there is much to look forward to.”

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