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Help us get louder for MS in Holyrood

Keith Park

The Scottish Parliamentary election is just around the corner on 6 May. It's our chance to get louder for MS. Will you ask candidates to back action that will support people with MS in Scotland?

Elections are the perfect time to ask politicians to support our aims. Candidates are more likely to pledge their support if they think it will gain them votes. And when they're in power we can make sure they're keeping their promises.

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Our MS manifesto asks for the next Scottish Government

Our election manifesto has three main themes:

  1. Care, support and treatment for people living with MS should be person-centred, consistent and based within the community.
  2. The creation of a world-leading, rights based social security system co-produced with people affected by MS.
  3. Supporting physical and mental wellbeing and building resilient communities.

We've based our asks on reports we've published since the last election, and feedback from people living with MS.

Will you ask your local candidate to get louder for MS?

More than 15,000 of us are living with MS in Scotland, one of the highest rates in the world.

Help us put MS on the agenda in Scotland. Please email your candidates with our manifesto and ask them to get louder for MS at Holyrood after the election.

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